Is website speed holding back your profits online?

Lets face it, if your business website is not fast enough you are going to lose business.

The truth is good speed is essential to ensuring that your customers hang around and that the search engines are happy to list your website to your end users.

Slow websites are now viewed as holding back search engines and causing poor end user experiences and this all costs you and your business money.

Here’s the thing, most people who use the internet are becoming more impatient than ever, if your website takes even just a few seconds more to load than the end user has the patients for then they will leave your website and find a faster one, it’s just that simple.

What is website speed optimization for business?

There are many factors that can affect the speed of your business website including such things as how it is built, what plugin it may use, how much content it has, how many images it has and even what type of hosting provider you use, these can all affect the speed of the website.

Website speed optimization for business is a service that helps to evaluate the speed of your website and determine the multiple factors that may be holding it back from performing at its best.

Once we know why your website is slow we can make improvements to how the website is built to “optimize” it for much better performance.  The benefits include:

  • Faster loading websites
  • Better search engine results ( = more customers)
  • Better experience for your customers using your website ( = more sales)
  • More growth for your business ( = more profit)
  • Beat your competition in search engines
  • More likely to get repeat business
  • Better capacity to serve more end users at the same time
  • Reduced bounce rate (prevention of losing potential customers)

Website speed optimization example....

In the below examples we show, using our own website the before and after effects of using website speed optimization using third party application such as google speed test and GT Metrix, both of these are able to gage the performance of a website and show using a score 0-100 or A-D rating.

Google speed test BEFORE optimization (mobile)

speed optimization on google speed test before molie devices

Google speed test AFTER optimization (mobile)

google speed test after mobile speed optimization 1

Google speed test BEFORE optimization (desktop)

google speed test before results desktop1

Google speed test AFTER optimization (desktop)

GTmetrix speed score rated "D" BEFORE optimization

GTmetrix D before

GTmetrix speed score rated "A" AFTER optimization

*All above results are subject to change at any time.

Speed optimization services

When it comes to business website speed optimization it’s really important to factor in how the website/s are being used and which factors may be holding the website back from performing at its best.

Outfoxed Digital has a wide range of ways to improve website performance from basic improvements to much more advanced methods depending on your needs and your goals.  Here are just some of the ways we can help you improve the speed optimization of your website:

  • Caching and advanced caching
  • Website reprogramming
  • Using a CDN (content delivery network) for hosting
  • CSS optimization
  • HTML optimization
  • Website image optimization
  • JS (Java Script) optimization
  • And much more

But don’t let the technical talk worry you, that is our problem, simply contact us today for a free evaluation of your business website speed and an obligation free quote to get your business up to speed online or click the button below to get started now.

website speed optimization for business