Everyday on average 30,000 websites get hacked & 18 million websites are compromised by Malware

Your website is a business asset, if it is not secure & maintaned properly you risk losing your business

The reality is that, once your website is hacked, it’s your customers that loses trust, this leads to loss of reputation, which for any online business can often mean the end of the business.

Website Hacks 2021

Websites get hacked everyday and some of those hacks are fatal to the business.

“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

IBM’s chairman, president, and CEO


Why Is Website Security So Important?

The bottom line, your business website is your reputation online, it generates your income and it provides your customers with access to your business, product and or services.

As a business owner when you have compromised website security, you take the risk of damaging your business reputation with your customers, your B2B partners and even the search engines like google, bing etc

In the event that your website gets hacked you will experience at a minimum downtime, this means you are out of business online until you are not, which could be indefinite depending on the level of the hack.

Common risk factors…

  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of lead generation
  • At risk of getting blacklisted by search engines
  • At risk of losing your customers trust
  • At risk of losing your business data and or customers data to a criminal
  • At risk of being ransomed to get your website back
  • At risk of losing your entire business
Imagine!  You get a call from the boss, you go to their office and have to explain to them why the entire business is now gone and there is  nothing you can do about it. Or worse, you are the boss and you’ve just lost your business, But, for as little as $250 per month your website could have been properly maintained and kept secure.
website security

Losing your customers and revenue, is it happening right now?

Did you know that many websites that have been compromised often don’t know about it until its too late.  Hackers use malicious software to infect websites, they can gather your data and even hijack your computer resources.  For example once an attacker has gained access to your business website they can then use your website to redirect your customers and or your generated leads to where ever they want.

Hackers can also use this strategy to dry up your sales revenue without you knowing it.

Further hackers can also go on to send your customers and or business partners malware directly to further cause harm to them as a result of your business website being compromised.

What's the odds of getting hacked "It won't happen to me" syndrome

You wouldn’t buy a house and not insure it against a fire, yet everyday businesses and companies, even those worth millions, fail to factor in the value of proper “security insurance” for their online assets.  It’s called, It won’t happen to me syndrome and when it does happen it can be devastating.

Cybercrime is now more profitable than the global illegal drug trade, so its no wonder the risk is very high and getting bigger every year.  There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds and as much as 300,000 new malware created everyday with the average cost of data breaches to reach about 10 trillion p.a by 2025.

So the odds of getting hacked are high when you don’t take essential steps to protect your online assets. 

At Outfoxed Digital we have hack attempts on our clients websites everyday but thanks to our proactive approach to security and management of websites we can mitigate losses effectively offering an insurance policy on your business websites.

Poor management = Poor security

The main reason websites get hacked is because they are poorly managed & maintained.

Many websites such as WordPress websites for example have inherent weaknesses. Most businesses love to use WordPress but they don’t understand the importance of maintaining the website to ensuring it’s security, this is why WordPress websites are the most hacked websites on the internet.

Understanding the importance of checking on the various weaknesses of a website and managing the process is the key to good security.

Common weakneses that cause security problems…

  • Weak passwords
  • Password sharing in the workplace and with external parties
  • Failing to update website structures
  • Failing to maintain updates to plugin’s
  • Using the wrong plugins
  • No protections of brute force attacks
  • Broken SSL certificates
  • Poor/cheap hosting providers
  • No backend login protection
  • Using shared servers (compromising your website due to other websites on the same server)
  • No daily back up’s of the website on external secure servers
  • No gatekeeper (secure management of passwords)

The best way to protect your online assets

The biggest problem with protecting your online assets is understanding that technology is always changing, this means having to constantly keep up to date with how to best protect your online assets.

This is why you need the right plan to protect your online assets or business website.  Outfoxed Digital provide end to end website security and monthly maintenance to ensure you don’t become a victim to the high probability of cybercrime.

Some essential & important features we provide..

  • Hosting your website in the cloud (for better security)
  • Daily back ups of your website on third party severs (to protect your online business)
  • Implementation of password controls (for much more secure hardening)
  • Using 2fa (2 factor authentication for each user (keeping each user responsible for their own access)
  • 24/7 monitoring and updates of website security
  • Essential maintenance controls to keep websites up to date with the latest security
  • Managed for you (So you don’t need to worry)
  • For as little as $250 per month your website  is kept safe, secure and well maintained.  Contact us today to get started.

Join other professional businesses with a combined net worth of over $100 million p.a. who trust Outfoxed Digital to secure, manage & host their online assets everyday.

Additional security & maintenance services

Don’t underestimate your own power to protect your business.

Outfoxed Digital provides a wide range of security & maintenance services that not only protect your online assets but also improve the results you can get online, these include…

  • Hacked website recovery (restoring a hacked website)
  • Ransom ware recovery (Investigation and website recovery)
  • Penetration testing (Testing your website for it’s weaknesses and implementation of advanced security protections)
  • Repair of any broken website