Using SEO Backlinks for Business Needs to Be Done Properly If You Want to WIN

Backlinks are important to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  In fact it can be one the most powerful strategies for success when it is done right.

When another website links to your website, a backlink is created.  That backlink, then becomes a “vote of confidence” in your websites content only if the backlink is genuine in the eyes of the search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. 

Simple Backlink Example

*Foxes represent external websites that have backlinks pointing to your website.

Quality backlinks are extremely important For SEO to be successful, this is because search engines like google, Bing etc see all of those votes of confidence as evidence that your content is valuable. If lots of websites link back to your website, search engines are more likely to present your content in search results, and this results in improving your ranking for the topics being linked to. 

Developing quality backlinks is an essential part of off-site SEO, and obtaining more backlinks is called link building. Link building can dramatically improve your website rankings.  But like so many aspects of SEO optimization, link building is not a straightforward and or simple task if you want do it right and get good results.

The Keys to Successful Backlink Building for Business

Most backlinks are good, some are great, and others are toxic.

Good backlinks – Promote your website in the eyes of the search engines as well as drive new visitors or traffic to your website.  These links are natural “organic SEO backlinks”.

Great backlinks – Promote your website in the eyes of the search engines as well as drive new visitors or traffic to your website.  These links are natural “organic SEO backlinks”, they also are very powerful backlinks that push your website to the top of the search engines by way of “authority”.  Having backlinks from websites that already carrying high levels of authority can lead to highly successful businesses online.

Toxic backlinks – These backlinks can effectively work against your business website ranking properly in the search engines, in many cases making it impossible to get any real success despite even significant investment in SEO.  The bottom line, search engines don’t link toxic, spammy backlinks and this can hurt your rankings and in some cases your website can be blacklisted from the search engines. 

TIP:  Don’t take the risk of messing around with backlinks if you don’t know what you are doing.

The key to successful backlink building is creating the right mix of high quality good back links while building great links to increase your authority, this combined with discovering your toxic backlink exposure is key to success.

Key steps we use to increase our business clients rankings with backlinks


Establish the current off page SEO status of your business website, e.g.

How many back links you currently have?  And how does this compare to your competetion.

What types of links are they?  Good, Great or Toxic.

Do they have any authority?  Are they carrying any power to increase your rankings.

Do any of the current links hold back the website in the eyes of the major search engines?  Are any of your current link breaking the rules of white hate SEO.

How many of the backlinks are toxic?  And what is need to get rid of them.


Get started on the cleaning up phase, e.g.

Remove any toxic backlinks that are holding you back.

Establish your niche partners that can bring traffic and authority to your website.

Do keyword research that targets your customer base.

Do competitive analysis to establish a strategy for your backlink campaign.


Start building “High Quality” Backlinks e.g.

Build backlinks from high authority websites.

Use only backlinks approved by search engine guidelines.

Only use powerful backlinks that will compete with your competition and increase your rankings.

Use niche related backlinks that add value to your exiting content.

factor in domain authority, referring domains and domain ratings.

Measure progress from the implementation of the backlinks and adjust as needed.

High Quality Is the Key to Success

A good SEO optimized page that ranks well can make you millions of dollars! Ask us how today.

Russell Browne (Director) Outfoxed Digital

Backlinks & Cost

Good and great backlinks that are very high quality are worth far more in terms of power, authority and ability to increase your ranking.

Costs depend greatly on your niche, how competitive your niche is online and your needs.

Good quality PREMIUM backlinks can range from $60 each to $500 each or more depending on the power of the backlink.

We offer one off campaigns and monthly managed services for off page SEO campaigns.

Contact us today to start seeing results from your backlinks!

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