Looking for fully managed WordPress hosting for your business website?

WordPress is one the most popular website platforms used by businesses today.  Unfortunately WordPress can be quite the handful unless you have the right team who know what they are doing when it comes the hosting WordPress the right way and are capable of all the hard work that comes with owning a wordpress website such as ongoing maintenance and security.

Managed wordpress hosting Maintenance and security

Why managed WordPress hosting?

WordPress is an open source application that is in constant need of management due to it’s complexity which requires website maintenance to maintain performance and security.

When WordPress if left without updates and fixes it can easily become compromised to malware and or hackers.

WordPress also has specific requirements from a hosting perspective that make it perform better when the set up of the hosting is done right for your specific WordPress website.

Using our fully managed WordPress hosting service means you are getting the best of both worlds due to our industry leading speed, security and managed support.

Lets look at just some of the great features we offer that take all the stress out of owning a WordPress website for business:

  • Complete management of your hosting and website combined
  • Optimized speeds 2nd to none (See our speed test here)
  • Dedicated server (no shared servers)
  • Top rated cloud servers of your choice
  • Managed hosting support (no need for knowledge or technical talk)
  • Management of WordPress internal platform
  • Daily backup’s on 3rd party servers for extra security
  • Regular WordPress updates including WordPress plugin updates
  • Caching  to boost page speeds
  • Access to advanced speed optimization services
  • Access to advanced security services
  • Help with WordPress problems from our expert team
  • Free migration to our servers (with no downtime)

Join other professional businesses with a combined net worth of over $100 million p.a. who trust Outfoxed Digital to host and manage their WordPress business website everyday.