How to win business with SEO strategy using content intelligence

If you want to get good results with your SEO strategy to drive more organic leads to your business website, you will need an angle, you will need a strategy and more importantly you will need to use content intelligence to outfox your competition!

While there are many way to approach SEO, most of the time you end up doing the same thing as everyone else is doing, this strategy is the hard way to get to the top and on top of that there are millions of competition all trying to beat you at your own game.

It’s time to get smart with your SEO content plan.  Using Outfoxed Digital’s content intelligence strategy planner and advanced keyword research you can control your SEO content perfectly to outrank your competition.

Getting your business in the top pages of google and other search engines using SEO is much easier when you use content intelligence.

What is SEO content intelligence?

Good keyword research is critical when it comes to SEO, so you really need to get this right if you are to get any success at all.  But for the most part many people focus on the keyword that they want to rank for and then they work really hard to get it to rank where they want.  Some factors that can destroy a good SEO strategy include:

  • Focusing on one keyword
  • Not understanding how much competition you have to compete against
  • Not knowing how many people (if any) are looking for that keyword
  • How relevant the keyword is for your business or product
  • How many words you will need to compete with others ranking on page one
  • What are the relevant keywords that support the keyword you want to rank for
  • How to structure the on page SEO content

SEO content intelligence takes all of the guess work out of creating a solid SEO strategy.  Imagine for a moment you have a product, business or information you want to get ranked online to generate new leads, that’s all good but how can you do this in a way where all of the hard word is done right from the start.

Using Outfoxed Digitals SEO strategy we can take all the “intelligence” of those that are already positioned where you want be and engineer that intel into an easy to use platform for you to produce killer high ranking SEO content using our fully guided content builder.  Using our SEO content intelligence strategy helps produce the following:

  • Discover a group of highly relevant keywords that work together to rank for potentially hundreds of keyword searches
  • Automatically works to produce exact guidelines needed to produce the content that google loves
  • Provides keyword ideas for your content strategy in exact numbers to compete with competition pages on the same subject
  • Scores your content out of 100 to help you improve your content against those ranking highest on search engines
  • Helps you write unique keyword loaded SEO content
  • Provide tips and hints to help you produce the content

Powerful SEO content strategy builder

Using the below software you can create perfect SEO optimized articles knowing in advance what you need to include to beat your competition and rank high is the search engines.

Use your own in house content writers or have us produce your content for you.

SEO content strategy software On page SEO

Ready to get serious about your SEO strategy?

Use our content intelligence strategy and join hundreds of businesses that love how easy it really is to produce quality SEO content with built in advantages that work to outfox the search engines and your competition!

How does it work?

Its easy to get started, simply contact us for more information.

  • We do your keyword research finding the best keywords that we feel will best rank and convert
  • We provide you with the platform and keywords
  • You can produce your content with our tools from anywhere
  • When you are happy copy your content live or we can even do it for you
  • We can even help guide you if you are unsure

Prices for new content SEO strategy start from just $300AUD per page.  A good SEO optimized page that ranks well can make you millions of dollars!  Ask us how today.

Take your existing SEO content strategy to the next level

Do you already have existing content you just cant get ranked where you want it to rank?  We have that covered too!  Outfoxed Digital can provide advanced auditing of your existing content and show you exactly what you need to do to get that content working hard for your business in the search engines.

Introducing SEO Strategy & Content Intelligence Auditing

Imagine watching your existing SEO content go up the ranks becuase you’ve worked out all the weak spots in literally minutes and you now have the edge over your competition online.  With Outfoxed Digital’s SEO strategy & content intelligence auditing within minutes you could:

  • Evaluate your existing domain content and get a score when compared to the top ranking in google and other search engines (your competition)
  • Understand instantly where to get your backlinks from, how many and why
  • Understand instantly the keyword terms that are missing from your current content to powerfully improve your ability to rank for your chosen keyword.
  • Get instant intel on your internal linking structure to improve SEO
  • Know exactly how many words and paragraphs you should have to compete for your ranking where you want
  • know exactly how many heading in H you need along with keywords in bold
  • Instant intel on all your keyword structuring for your page
  • Know instantly how to properly structure your page to compete with the big guys
  • Quickly know that you have the right title and meta description
  • Confirm that your webpage is optimized for speed in the eyes of the search engines

You get loads of useful SEO intelligence to take on even the best in SEO.

It’s simply the most powerful way to compete with SEO, take your existing content and make it work for you today!’

How does content auditing work?

Its easy to get started, simply contact us for more information.

  • You provide us your URL for the page you want to audit and rank well for
  • You provide the keyword you want the page to rank for (If you know what it is)
  • We provide our auditing software ready for you to take action from anywhere
  • When you are happy copy your content live or we can even do it for you
  • We can even help guide you if you are unsure

Prices for existing content auditing start from just $400AUD per page.  Remember a good SEO optimized page that ranks well can make you millions of dollars!  Ask us how today.